Small Update & Bronze Zulu Prototypes

Hey Olivier Fans! First off let me please say thank you to all of the kind words of encouragement both here in this thread as well as on other threads and via email that many of you have sent out. I really cant tell you have great it feels to have so many people behind us, understanding of the situation. It goes without saying that no one on this planet knows how much Olivier delays stink as much as I do, trust me!

While I dont have any major updates yet on the dials [the big watch fair has the entire industry occupied], I do have some news on the bronze zulus! I just finished work on the first prototype, the hardware looks fantastic!! Big thanks also go out to Crown & Buckle for helping this get off the ground.

I have to have a few more pieces of hardware fabricated before I can finish the black and grey prototypes, but included the grey as a reference in terms of the normal SS hardware:

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