Olivier Bronze Diver 500m

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Olivier watches is proud to introduce our first dive watch, the Bronze Diver 500m. Designed to be the ultimate bronze tool diver, our watch has specs that to some might seem insane. Our watch is water resistant to 500m, has a 4mm thick AR coated sapphire crystal, and the case even has an automatic helium escape valve. What are we, nuts? We wanted a watch that was ready to be taken to the extremes, no matter what the wearer was doing. The Olivier Bronze Diver can keep up with anybody.
We’ve all been there, the wedding on a yacht when seemingly out of no where, a lovely bridesmaid is suddenly overboard! Just as you’re diving over the railing to help, you freak out. “Is my watch even water resistant?! I think it might be, but only to 3atm!? I take this thing off when I wash my hands!” Definitely a downer, and try explaining all of this to the guests. What about when you’re on vacation in Japan and, just your luck, you get stopped in the middle of the mall. You have a once in a lifetime chance to appear on one of those extreme Japanese game shows! You have to come completely as is, and take part of a impromptu saturation dive reality show! You are thrilled until you realize that your watch doesn’t have a helium escape valve, and is liable to literally explode on your wrist! That’s the quickest way to ruin your vacation. Our goal was that the Olivier Bronze Diver be feature packed to the maximum to ensure that no matter who got one, they would never find themselves having to take it off because our watch couldn’t handle it.
We utilized CuSn8 bronze alloy for the case, and 316L stainless steel for the engraved case-back, 8mm signed crown, and automatic helium escape valve. Bronze has long been traditionally used in nautical applications because of its great resistance to corrosion. The bronze case also means that the watch will develop a lovely and unique patina, darkening and taking on great vintage characteristics. Our watch has a 4mm thick sapphire crystal that is AR coated on the inside. The watch has bronze hands, and an ultra-legible dial with triple date window. In the pictures, you can see there are two different bezels. One of them is solid bronze with engraved markers. The other is bronze with a black engraved inlay, with its markers filled white. Both have lumed 12 o’clock markers, and are a firm 120 clicks. Both bezels are included with a watch, and are user replaceable; no having to choose here. The watch is given a handsome brushed finish. Each watch has Super-LumiNova C3 lume applied in a multi-layer technique on the dial, hands and bezel marker to ensure maximum brightness.
The watch’s power plant is a choice between the Swiss ETA 2824-2 or the Japanese Miyota 8215 automatic movements. These are the gold standards in the watch world. Both movements are considered rock solid workhorse movements, known for their great longevity and accuracy. While there are certainly a wide variety of movements for boutique companies to choose from, we went with these two for very specific reasons: These movements form the backbone of the watch industry worldwide, their parts are readily available, and any decent watch tech in the world will be able to service these movements with ease. Our watches come with a fully transferable 1-year international warranty, but we have done our best to select a great set of components so that down the line, years and years from now, there will never be any problem keeping your Olivier running like new.
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Swiss ETA 2824-2
Japanese Miyota 8215