Newsletter # 6

Hey Olivier Fans!

The time has come to finally initiate the last step of the purchase process for the OLIVIER BRONZE DIVER!! Please let me start off by saying thank you so much for the patience you have all had in waiting for your own Olivier. There is absolutely nothing worse than having to wait, especially for a WIS! I also know a lot of you are small business owners and know that the worst words you can hear are “I’m sorry, but there has been a problem and our first delivery dates for your product will be pushed back.” It is one of the hardest parts of being a small business; many times your own products depend heavily on your manufacturing partners. When they have a problem, your business has a problem, and customers along the way are made to wait. A lot of you have been apart of other boutique watch orders and are well seasoned in the art of waiting, while others were understandably getting impatient. I was hesitant to give another delivery date until I had definitive information from the manufacture. This is our first release, and we definitely should have anticipated at least some delays and built that into our expected delivery dates. Again, thank you so much to all of you for your patience throughout. Many of you reached out and gave me advice based on your own experiences as small business owners or manufactures, all of which was absolutely invaluable. Thank you all very much.

The best news though is that its finally time to finalize all of the orders. The cases will be arriving stateside in a matter of weeks, and assembly will begin. Over this next week, all of you first batch pre-order holders will be receiving the final invoices via PayPal as we generate them. It is critical that you please verify your shipping address details; if some fields were left blank, our ecommerce shop would seemingly replace your shipping addresses state with California by default. I’ve attached a picture here of a sample invoice, please be sure to double check and let me know if there are any errors.

Also, a lot of you have yet to mention a preference for the bronze buckle that you will get with your watch. Please be sure to note your preference on the memo, or email me your preference. You are welcome to pick from either 24mm and 22mm buckles in either Pre-V or Thumbnail styles. Please see the picture below if you are not sure of the difference:

Second batch pre-order holders, the case manufacturer is now producing the cases for your orders and you will get updates as we get closer, at which point your invoices too will be sent out.

Other great news is that we finally have a quality supplier for the bronze Zulu straps. We are still working out the final details, and I ensure that Olivier fans will be excited about the collaboration we have in the works. Many of you have already finalized your strap preferences and have ordered accordingly. If you haven’t, please do go ahead and purchase so that when the watches are assembled and ready to ship, we can include it in the same package.

Many of you local to Los Angeles asked if there was a chance of picking up your watches in person. I will be planning a Los Angeles release event that any and all are welcome to attend. If you do want to attend, please email me back before paying your invoice, you will not have to pay for shipping and I’ll have your invoice adjusted accordingly.

One last time, thank you all so much for your support and patience throughout!

-Roland and all the rest @ Olivier Watches

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