Tons of new watch strap options!

There were a lot of people asking if we would be getting in any straps for our watches other than the standard black rubber. Not wanting to let down any loyal Olivier fans, here are just some of the first batch of additional options we are going to be making

3 New Dial Options Now Avaialble!

Now available are three great new options for the bronze diver, both the ETA and Miyota movement models. The first is a no-date dial in the original black. Anyone who doesn’t like the triple date window, this ones for you! Your Olivier will have a great, absolutely minimal dial, no

Olivier Bronze Diver pre-order has gone live!

Our first dive watch, the Olivier Bronze Diver is now available for pre-order! Be sure to drop me a line if you are looking for a specific serial number! Click below for more info.